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It's my birthday! 

This officially makes me in my late 20's. Eek. I'll live ( I hope). My student staff assistant reminded me last week that (Queen) Beyonce is 30 so I still have a lot to aim for. Take a guess what my birthday wish will be...

While a birthday is a delicious excuse to indulge in cake and celebrations, it's also a delicious excuse to slow down and be thankful. And boy do I have a lot to be thankful for. So in no particular order....

1. I'm thankful for an incredible loving family. I'm thankful for a wholeheartedly supportive family. I'm thankful for a family full of love.
2. I'm thankful for my amazing man who is the best of friends, my biggest fan and makes me a better person every day.
3. I'm thankful for a life full of opportunity. Opportunity and access to education, the opportunity to pursue dreams, the opportunity to be ME.
4. I'm thankful for a beautiful life full of God's blessings. End of story.

I would be remiss without saying how thankful I am for YOU. Thank you for reading my little personal and creative outlet and for being so encouraging!

(oh and I'm thankful for Ben and Jerry's. Definitely thankful for that.)

Back to our regularly scheduled style, beauty and random shenanigans posts tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me during this corny post. I'm thankful for your patience :)



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it is wonderful. Remember, when you are 80 you are gonna laugh that you thought you were old at this point. Only gets better from here girl!

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Happy Birthday!!! "Late" twenties, not so bad, enjoy it! Almost 40, that's what is bad!

  3. Happy Birthday doll! Enjoy it, these are the best years of our lives!

    ... Until we're in our thirties, then those will be the best years ;)

  4. Marianne LonsdaleJuly 8, 2013 at 9:07 AM

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day!

  6. Yay! Happy birthday! Hope your day was awesome!!