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out of my comfort zone

For our anniversary, I got Aaron a tent. A TWO person tent. A tent that we can BOTH sleep in. So obviously the real gift was me being willing to go camping. This may come has a huge SHOCK to you, but I'm not much of a camper. (insert gasps here). I went a few times growing up because that's what families in northern California did but as soon as my parents got divorced my mom said oh hell no and we never went camping again. Hooray! 

And then I fell in love with a backpacking, fishing, hiking, outdoor loving cutie and three years later, here I am buying tents and picking them up at the REI store. A.k.a NOT my comfort zone. So before stepping out of my comfort zone, I protected myself with all my comforts: a top knot, white shirt, bf jeans, purple pumps and a splash of leopard. I was ready and armed.

And no, we haven't made plans to go camping just quite yet..... baby steps folks!
//jeans//white tee//cardigan-old, similar here//sunnies//bag//shoes -purple sold out :( //


  1. Love the leopard cardigan with those fabulous purple heels! Just found your blog and love your style. Am now following. :)

    Style of One's Own

  2. Haha I can relate. We got a tent for our wedding and have used it once in five years. : 0 Good luck!

  3. haha that is too funny that the tent can get that small and go inside your purse. Guess they are trying to convince more females to go camping.

  4. I am the same way! I never went camping until I met my husband! Have fun and good luck!


  5. You look super cute in this outfit! I love how it is casual and simple, but the purple heels, top knot and leopard cardigan look great! :) Also, I don't blame you for not going camping, but applaud you for being willing to go! My boy is always trying to convince me, but I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon...
    Written in Fashion

  6. Love the leopard cardi! I'm not a huge tent camper either. My husband jokes that if we ever decide to go camping that I will need a cabin :)

    xo, Courtney

  7. love the outfit! great mix of pieces!

  8. That leopard print cardi is perfection! And I know what you mean about camping - somehow I always end up with outdoorsy boyfriends... when I'm the least outdoorsy person alive! WORST. (But also, outdoorsy boys are so dang cute.) Sigh.


  9. I, too, am obsessed with that leopard print cardi! You are just darling.

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  10. I think we have the same tent! We got it as a wedding gift almost 5 years ago and have only used it... once. Haha we always have grand plans to go camping but it just doesn't work out :( Love that you are stepping out of your comfort zone! I'm excited to hear about it you guys do make it camping sometime!