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home spa essentials from birchbox

I've mentioned here on the blog a few times there are a number of beauty products I find worth splurging on -mascara, mineral powder, nail polish - and a number worth saving a few dollars if possible -make up remover, lipstick. What I haven't shared is something I absolutely think is splurge worthy: home spa necessities. About once a month (often when Aaron is out doing something outdoorsy that I have elected not to participate in) I like to take a spa day. A phone off, bath drawn, all day Netflix on the iPad, day of pampering. And my spa day essentials are a splurge worthy indulgence. So when Birchbox asked me to try out their newest Caudalie product, I squealed. I've been using the Caudalie Divine Oil for awhile now in my spa kit so I was super excited to try the new Divine Scrub too.

I have a pretty hard time finding scrubs because I have pretty sensitive skin and most are too harsh. The Divine Scrub is an uber gentle exfoliant so it lightly scrubs and isn't too harsh. It contains a combination of oils (grape, sesame, hibiscus) with argan oils which I love since I've been looking for a argan oil product for quite some time now that doesn't leave my skin feeling oily. The Divine Scrub is like the best of both words for me-a gentle exfoliant AND a moisturizer. And as if I needed any more reason to fall in love, just like the entire Divine line, the scrub smells fanfreakingtastic and leaves you smelling amazing. If you can't actually make it to the spa, trust me when I say this is the next best thing. The Divine Scrub just hit the virtual shelves at Birchbox this month so be sure to check it out and use your points to snag one. You'll absolutely be hooked.

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PS- Need a show to get into to watch on Netflix/Hulu all day during your spa day? One word for you: SCANDAL. You can thank me later.

*While I did receive the Divine Scrub as a gift from Birchbox, all opinions are absolutely my own. Just think of it as me doing the homework for you. :)


  1. This is a great post girl! Thank you so much for sharing!! I definitely need to do a home spa for myself one of these days. :)


  2. A Spa day sounds so wonderful! I will need to try this product out!