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blogger faux paus

This bag looking familiar yet? Oh right, its been in my last 4 posts. And I think that is a major blogger faux pas. The SAME bag 4 times in a row? Its like amateur hour around here! But here's the truth friends, I actually in real life use the same bag everyday. Changing my bag every day? Aint no body got time for that. This carryall literally carries it all (imagine that) and I pretty much live out of my bag. Shoes, camera, ipad, lunch, pashmina for the cold office, etc all get dumped in there. And if it matches everything, why change it every day? So there you have it folks. Theres the truth. I guess this means I'll never be one of those fashion bloggers with a new purse every day. And I'll certainly never be a one of those bloggers with a new clutch every day because you gotta know I'm the queen forgetting my clutch somewhere after one too many on a Saturday night. So sorry if you came here to see cool new handbags- aint gon happen. :/
Also, I'm just now realizing how short these pants make me look. Awesome.... (not)


  1. I think if the bag works, then keep it around for months.

  2. I think your bag is adorable! I carry around the same bag for forever! So I would keep it around! :)



  3. Such a gorgeous bag! No shame in repeats ;)

  4. I love everything about this outfit! So summery!