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[closet obsessions] gettin' dirty (not)

These may be the world's comfiest pants but I literally have no idea what in the world posessed me to buy WHITE pants. Really anything white for that matter. I must have been blacked out (kidding, sorta) but maybe I hit my head on the way in?

Like, I'm the type of person who just looks at white pants and they get dirty. The person who has grass stains on everything from always falling and spills coffee on a blouse they picked up from the dry cleaners the day before. I'm the person who spills RED JELLO SHOT on their favorite pink skirt. Ok, that last one is due to a combo of factors iffffff ya know what I mean but me being a klutz certainly didn't help the sitch. Well my friends, a co-worker let me in a major secret (that may not be a secret but is just new to me): OXY CLEAN. It is a miracle worker and a life clothing saver.

So don't dare me to a good time white pants. I've got a new best friend.

//white linen pants//striped shirt//purse//sunnies//necklace

Editors note (thats me): Shortly after taking these pics, I spilled soy sauce all over the myself. Yes, I convinced myself using chopsticks and wearing white pants was a halfway okay idea. It wasn't.