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because who wants to look like tan mom


Ready for the beach this summer? Me too. Ready for laying out and fruity pool drinks? Yep, me too. Ready to compromise your skin in the name of a golden tan and an afternoon outdoors? Oh heck no.

Step 1: Listen to TeresaSome of you may choose to skip step 1. More power to ya.
Step 2: Listen to my mom. My mom has absolutely fantastic skin due to years of religious moisturizer and sunscreen use. She loves the sun but loves her skin more and takes the utmost precaution in protecting it. 

So as you pack your beach bag this summer, think of Mama Tracy. She would tell you to make sure you have sunscreen, a sunhat, and water as to not get dehydrated. If I was there, I suggest throwing in an SPF/foundation stick if you have an uneven skin tone like me, oversized red sunnies (because duh) and definitely not to forget a sun protectant for you hair so it doesn't get dry and extra damaged. Oh and of course, you can't forget the umbrella for your drinks. We would both be quick to remind you of that!

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  1. I won't step foot out of my house unless I have an SPF on.. Great list!!

    xo Ash,
    Sincerely Miss Ash