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a weekend in santa cruz

I headed west to SF this weekend to celebrate brothers graduation from the University of California, Santa Cruz. I am so so proud of him and all his hard work. It is such an incredible achievement and he plans to spend the next few years working on his teaching credential and pursue teaching. SO cool! It was fantastic to be home but even more fantastic to spend the weekend celebrating with my best friends aka both my baby brothers.

We spend the weekend at a beach house in Santa Cruz which is absolutely beautiful. The weather was fantastic, the views spectacular and the air fresh from the beach. Why did I move from CA again?

Congratulations Andrew! I'm so humbled by you!


  1. how cool! i didn't know your brother wanted to be a teacher. if he has any questions he can always contact me.

    i adore your pink purse in your newest post. i always passed on pink purses, but OF COURSE you would have one (and make it look great).


    1. Thanks, Lady! His GF is working at a Jewish day school in Palo Alto next year so they are looking for places down on the peninsula! I know he would appreciate any advice you have!

      The pink purse was such an impulse purchase during one of those KS flash sales but luckily I love it and it was worth it! It surprisingly matches a lot more than I thought it would!