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[work wear wednesday] the thank you note

When I first decided to do a work wear series, I knew my focus would be on work wear and finding work clothes that compliment your personal style. And it still is! But I also knew I would want to share some tips from my experience in HR too. I'm currently sitting on a search committee in my office and the same thing keeps coming up: the thank you note. So move over fashion, beauty, shenanigans -we gotta talk interview thank you notes for a hot minute.

Plain and simple: Send a thank you note. But should it be an email or snail mail a card, Nicole? Do I send one after a phone interview or a in person or both? Who should I send it to? What should I say?  Don't worry friend, I got you.

Email vs. Card- I'd say this truly depends on that type of role you are applying for. Any job you apply for, an  email follow up thank you will be appropriate. However, if you are applying for a role with a high emphasis on follow through, stewardship, customer service or a role you may have to send thank you notes in (think development/fundraising) a note card would also be appropriate and also shows a deeper level of understanding about the position requirements. However, be mindful of their hiring time line (that I hope you asked about during your interview) as a handwritten card will take a few days to make it to your interviewers desk. If they are moving fast with their decision, a handwritten note may miss the boat.

After a phone interview or an in-person?- An email follow up after a phone interview is always appreciated. As it was just a phone interview, you likely still have a lot to learn about the position and your fit, so a note reiterating your continued interest and your interest in learning more is a good start. Keep it brief but not generic. A hand written card isn't necessary. After an in-person interview, be a little more in depth with your email or hand written card if you choose to use snail mail. A thank you note after an in-person interview is a must.

Who to send it to- Absolutely send it to the person who is leading the interview as they will likely be your manager. You should have their contact information (be sure to ask for their card if they were not the one scheduling the interview!) If you interviewed with a group and do not have their email addresses, either a) in your email to your would be manager/person leading the interview and ask him/her to share your message with the others or b) ask the HR person scheduling your interview for their contact information.

What to say- Well first and foremost, say thank you. Recognize that interviewing takes a lot of time away from their normal workload just to get to know you. Show appreciation for that- which then shows that you would be a colleague respectful of their time! Share what you learned about the interviewer(s) and the job and then share why this makes you still interested in the job. This shows that your interest in the position is evolving. Reiterate that this position is a strong fit for you. And last but certainly not least (as I think its one of the most important things to include) confirm that you would accept the job if offered. This can be something to the effect of "I would be thrilled to join your office". If you know you would accept the job if offered, TELL THEM! Often, Hiring Managers are unsure of who is actually interested and who is just playing the game. The person clearly actually interested usually gets the offer. Make it clear, that person is you!

More questions about thank you notes? Email me or leave 'em in the comments! :)

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