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[drug store dupe] benefit vs maybelline

I'm a big fan of benefit cosmetics (a San Francisco brand!) and their creaseless cream eyeshadow has been my go-to base/primer for awhile. It is creamy, long lasting, easy to apply and has just the right amount of shimmer and color to be great as a stand alone or as a primer for layering on other colors. Recently while perusing my local CVS with a Maybelline coupon in hand, I came across the Tattoo Metal Eyeshadow line. While its an intimidating name, with some intimidating colors, the Barely Branded color caught me eye. And at a much lower price point than my benefit go-to, I thought it was worth trying. I can barely tell the difference between the two! The Maybelline version creases a bit more than the benefit counterpart but the colors are almost indistinguishable and are both long lasting and easy to apply. Next time you're at your local drug store, check it out!

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