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spring is here in dc...

 photo 2bbcdf77-d023-4052-9443-2b89ec1ae09f_zps7716e35f.jpg

Aaron and I spent Saturday down at the National Mall for the Kite Festival. Ill prepared, we forgot a kite but did remember a camera. DC is so beautiful in the springtime and Saturday's combination of sunshine and a DC signature event felt like it was the official launch to spring, my favorite season here. Hooray! Spring is finally here!

 photo 5b4de49a-e78d-4636-8566-b7cf1f52fd76_zpsbe532453.jpg
my man ♥
 photo 33d3c40e-3b25-4545-bffa-1b68f0c28bee_zpsb0655b53.jpg Back of Aaron photo 6f8675f2-8628-4460-8f13-da8a5ab85e30_zps27b84d4a.jpg  photo 9ec0468d-a42b-4bd6-801c-1c78c9060162_zps32f85f4b.jpg  photo 0f7a494f-0282-4af2-b90e-1e1e4c7c5a92_zps1ac19b5f.jpg  photo de1d629f-d866-4abd-8834-994a97782042_zps1f621c97.jpg  photo 8cd11d9d-3b3e-4252-a561-7ff2b8ed4757_zpsde7c5e32.jpg


  1. Nicole, you look so awesome!!! You have to teach me how to wear a scarf... Love your blog! --Gillian

    1. Thanks, Gillian! I should do a post about how to wrap a scarf!! XOXO