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[currently loving] the pleated maxi

Pleated Maxi

SO, confession time: I got REALLY into The Bachelor this past season. Like bought into it 100%- committed the full two hours a week, drank the rose flavored kool-aid and needed at least 30 minutes to debrief on Tuesdays with my coworker (who coincidentally announced her resignation after Sean's final rose. ....suspect timing to say the least. I'm hoping she'll come crawling back when the Bachelorette is on. *wishful thinking*) Lesley, the political consultant from DC, quickly became my favorite and just when I thought I couldn't favor her anymore, she wore that incredible hot pink Zara skirt on her one on one with Sean. You know which one I'm talking about, right? (PS- do you read The Possessionista for all things TV fashion? You should if you want to know where Lesley's hot pink skirts are from) Back to reality: I've been lusting over pleated skirts for awhile now and Lesley confirmed it. I need (read:want) a pleated skirt. Bad. So with spring right around the corner, I feel like I'm finally ready to go on this journey to fall in love with the perfect pleated skirt. And it will be the most dramatic journey yet. (ha..lame Bachelor joke...)

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