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[workwear wednesday] meet molly

Meet Molly! Molls and I were sorority sisters in college and when she moved out to DC last spring, I was through the roof excited. Besides Molly's obvious good company, I was thrilled to have her closet here for inspiration! Molly makes her style look effortless. She has serious personal style and has a great eye for finding pieces that make you say "that is SO, Molly". Molls also has one of those closets where everything matches each other. I should add that to my resolutions for 2013 (I can add resolutions as I go right..?) Molly works in sales so her daily workwear depends on what her day will demand of her. And while this may mean she has to lean towards a muted black or navy for conservative clients so she always makes a point to add a pop of color through a scarf, cardigan or fantastic statement necklace. 

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