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An introduction....

A few things I feel you should know about me before we get started:

  • I have a hard time feeling inspired to wear anything but the first clean thing I see Wednesday mornings. Wednesday is usually a 3 cups of coffee kind of day.
  • I fill my basket with very clearly unnecessary purchases at Target and then take a few laps around the store to convince myself I really need what is in the basket. And I mean the basket with wheels. The hand basket never cuts it. Message me if you use the hand basket -I've got a lot of questions for you.
  • I enjoy a mimosa (or 2..or 3) with brunch.
  • I usually only bake so I can eat the dough.
  • Dry shampoo has allowed me 20 extra  minutes of sleep every other day. (Wednesday is a dry shampoo day.)
  • I like to dance. Especially while cleaning.
  • I think I'm probably a lot like you.

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