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I'm home, I'm home, I'm home!

After a marathon of travel yesterday beginning the day in New York, NY and ending the day in Oakland, CA with stops in DC and Chicago, I am so happy to be at home, snuggling with my mama while we debrief all of the Real Housewives we've missed. And while my mom may have moved from my childhood home recently, they say home is where your mom is and I can attest to that.

Aaron is with me and we have a full schedule of meetings with our wedding vendors, attending a wedding, and visiting with family. When I was packing for this trip, I was glad to leave behind the blazers and keep it comfortable with denim and cotton -- the fabrics of my heart. DC style (and I would say the east cost overall) is more formal than the style here in the Bay Area so I'm happy to be casual chic with distressed denim and wedges. 

Is casual chic a love language? If so, I think it is mine.

LBD all star

I like to do little assessments of my closet here and there to see if I’m missing anything or if I should get rid of something to make way for something new. A few weeks back I realized I was missing a critical closet staple: a little black dress!


Now before you go revoking my blogger card you should know that I made finding the perfect LBD a priority and can say that I was successful in my mission. I found this dress at Nordstrom and immediately bought it. In the interest of full disclosure, I happened to stumble across an identical version at my local TJ Maxx for half the price a week later so I returned the ASTR dress and am wearing the TJ Maxx dress here. But for all intents and purposes, the dress is the same and it is now the reigning queen of my closet. And you should get it too.

The ASTR dress is universally flattering. It is a shift dress but not cut too tight and the lining is a few inches shorter than the overlay which leaves a cute peek of skin but doesn’t show too much skin that it isn’t work appropriate. The fabric is thick and holds shape but isn’t too thick meaning it covers everything you want covered without feeling heavy.

The textured lace floral print is the best part because the pattern can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn it casually a few times (as seen here) but it is so easy to throw on a blazer, summer scarf, or heels to make it appropriate for the office.

It comes in a variety of colors like coral and rose but I'll probably pick up white for probably obvious reasons. I'm a white dress addict, friends! 

hey you, tuesday!

Happy Tuesday to you! Monday posts just aren't in the cards for me but a Tuesday post I can do. It's been awhile since we've just chatted (or a one way chat as it may be here) so I'll fill you in on what has been on my mind and what life has looked like lately...

CALIFORNIA // Aaron and I are headed to California next week (!!!) for a friend’s wedding and for a little wedding planning ourselves. I haven’t been home since December and Aaron hasn’t been in almost two years. While California isn’t “home” to Aaron he did live there awhile and it is where we met so he’s almost as excited as I am to head back. Our itinerary for the week includes a few meetings with wedding vendors, attending a friend’s wedding, and hopefully catching a Giant’s game while we’re in town. My brother and Dad live in Southern California and will head up for the weekend so it will be a mini family reunion, too. Above all else, I’m ready for a break and some relaxation in a space that is easy.

WEDDING PLANNING // Wedding planning is moving right along! We’re exactly four months away so planning is beginning to pick up again. Even still, it doesn’t feel like work. Perhaps the stressful part is still to come (let me know married friends!) but I have found the process so enjoyable so far. I work in event planning professionally so to plan an event that reflects one of the things that makes me the happiest (our relationship!) has been so fulfilling.

Aaron actually hasn’t been to the venue so we will visit it while we’re in California. It’s a beautiful winery so I’m looking forward to an afternoon of wine tasting and lunch. 

FREE TIME // I shared last week that I’m taking a break from grad school this summer. One of the best consequences from that decision (in addition to less stress) is all the free time I now have! I didn’t realize how little free time I actually had until I had more than I know what to do with. I spent all weekend running errands and do-ing me. It was lovely.

More free time has allowed me to spend more time bettering my physical health, too. Physical health goes hand in hand with overall wellness so it’s no surprise that just a week of regular workouts and eating right has left me feeling in a better overall state. Kristyn and I started working out with a trainer in our building it has been great. Let me tell you there is no better deterrent from reaching for an unhealthy snack than a sore arm that hurts to lift. It is literally a physical reminder not to grab that piece of chocolate (that you asked Aaron to put on a shelf you can’t reach).

ATHLEISURE // While I may have this refound commitment to getting in shape, I have found that old habits die hard –I’ve been shopping a lot to make sure I’m dressed for the part! I went to my local Old Navy and cleaned house. Their compression pants compete with any on the market. You get a great bang for your buck (these are less than $30) and they stay true to form. The material is thick and form fitting but not too tight. I skipped most of their tops (their graphic says are a bit too corny for me) but picked up this pullover and a few sports bras. I was pleasantly surprised by their sport bras. This one for light support (which is all I need) is seamless and light, and stays all day. This one gives me the best support for running and is equally as comfortable as the seamless one. Now I just need a new pair of shoes.... any suggestions?
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