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Recent Beauty Favs

It's been awhile since I've rounded up my favorite beauty products and I’ve been using some new (to me) products in my daily routine lately. I’m not sure I’ll rebuy all of these when they hit empty – I’ll explain why below – but I have discovered a few holy grail products that I know I’ll be rebuying again and again. My makeup artists for my wedding (who I loved!) swore by BareMinerals so I’ve added a few of their products into my routine since then.

how to find a job (while you have one)

The most important part of finding a new job is absolutely not to wait until your current job becomes unbearable. In fact, I subscribe to the idea that you should always be looking for jobs to a) know how your field is evolving and b) to stay apprise of your market value. This way when you do start to think about leaving your current job, you already have a sense of what's out there.