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Friday, June 24, 2016

hello weekend!

Happy Friday, Friends!

This week has absolutely flown by! We're wrapping up the end of the fiscal year at work, wedding RSVP's are trickling in and the to-do list is building faster than I'm crossing things off (spoiler: I'm not crossing much off at all...). I'm telling myself that I'm looking forward to a weekend of nothing but deep down, I know its time to start crossing of to-dos. 

In addition to (maybe) crossing off to-do's, I'm trying my first Orange Theory fitness class, shooting with Kristyn, and going to see the Dixie Chicks! Some friends and I bought found tickets on Groupon 6 months ago and I'm so excited! How random, right?

Thanks to Monica, I'm a juice addict. I found this adorable shop in Philadelphia last week while traveling for work and wanted to spend all day there!

These link dump posts have been pretty pervasive in the blog world so I'm thinking about the best way to share some of the interesting articles I've read or a few products that have caught my eye. Let me know if there is something you want to see (or you definitely don't want to see).
  • Like every other basic betch out there, I am obsessed with LaCroix. Read about how it gained popularity and landed in all of our fridge's overnight. Side note: where can I get this "LaCroix over boys" shirt?
  • Here is a Chloe dupe for $28 if you're not into paying $1800+ for a trendy bag.
  • Does anyone bullet journal? What do you think? Fill me in!
  • I'm trying my first Orange Theory class this weekend and I'm really excited. I get bored really easily with workouts so I'm looking forward to trying something different. I've heard great things and am hoping to fall in love. There really is no motivation like a wedding dress but you know what, people didn't call me Shallow hAllio in college for nothing..
  • Flatforms are growing on me. Why oh why?
  • Speaking of why oh why, why are bridal separates (re: the fancy word from crop tops) a thing? :(
  • I have a selfish request: I need wedding shoes. Married people -- can you send me suggestions! I want something ~3 inches but comfortable. Did you switch out after the ceremony? 

What are you up to this weekend? Hope its a good one! xx

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

closet staples, volume 2: shoes

&& we're back for our second installment of closet staples. A few weeks ago I shared with you my favorite pieces of outerwear and that are the pieces I reach for to wear over and over. This post is all about shoes. And coincidentally -- I swear I didn't plan it this way -- a few of the shoes I consider my closet MVP's I also wore in a few out of the outwear outfits. Just goes to show you that some bloggers do wear things multiple ways. :)

First up...

\\ 1. S T R A P P Y   H E E L S //

I bought these at Zara a few seasons ago and never looked back. While they are tall and took a few wears to break in, they are my go to dressy sandal. They are easily dressed up or down and make for the perfect wedding shoe. The nude color elongates my leg and matches everything. You cannot go wrong with a nude strappy sandal.

\\ 2. L E O P A R D   F L A T S //

Say it with me: leopard is a neutral. Leopard loafers or flats are the easiest way to add a little jazz to an outfit while still maintaining a neutral color pairing. I love these driving loafers but also own two three other pairs of leopard print shoes. Match them with denim as seen here or with black cigarette pants and crisp white shirt at work. I promise the possibilities are endless. I've listed a ton of pairs here all under $75 so they wont break the bank.

\\ 3. C O M F O R T A B L E   S N E A K E R S //

I was a smidge late to the athleisure trend but am so glad I jumped on board. Any excuse to wear comfortables shoes all day is one that works for me. I easily go from working out in these Nike's to running errands. Comfortable and chic is a no brainer, right?

\\ 4. L I G H T   W E D G E S //

Summer wedges and espadrilles can be a bit tricky for me. I have stocky legs and clunky shoes can only make them look even more like tree stumps. I got this pair from Payless of all places (shockingly!) and they are honestly some of the most comfortable shoes I own. I can wear them all weekend running errands or out to dinner. They are easily worn pants, shorts, and dresses alike. Finding wedges that won't overwhelm your legs can be tough but lucky for you, I've already done the work for you.

What shoes do you reach for the most in your closet?

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

beauty products i've been loving lately

It's no secret I'm a bit of a product junkie. It's a trait I absolutely get from my mother. Every time I'm home, I look through every medicine cabinet, bathroom drawer, and her vanity table to check out all the new products she has been trying. Her vanity has every type of skin care product you can imagine -- hence why her skin looks so great.  We always exchange make up tips and she gives me all the products she's picked up but doesn't feel like returning to Ulta. Her loss is my gain!

Sharing our favorite new beauty finds is one of my favorite things about being home. And while I don't expect that to change, there is no reason I can't share some of those updates here in the mean time!

I bought these on a whim knowing that I wanted to get better at applying false lashes. I'm so glad I did! These are light to wear, give good length, and are natural looking so you don't feel like a Kardashian. At less than $10, you don't have much to lose trying them out. If you're not sure how to apply lashes, watch this tutorial. I found it really helpful. I prefer these lashes to the ones she uses but the Duo glue is great.

I got this in my Birchbox (before I cancelled my subscription. It's just not as good as it used to be, right) and plan to reorder it in full size once I run out. I have naturally really fine, flat hair and need all the help I can get to get any sort of oomph. It takes a miracle product to give me the oomph desired without the stickiness and feeling of product build up. My fine hair sisters, you know what I'm talking about. I spray this at my roots when my hair is damp, brush it through and then blow dry. It gives good lift and you can still run your hands through your hair!

This is another product on a whim. I was on business travel and forgot bronzer so I popped into one of the 1084910 million Duane Reade's in New York. I had seen the product advertised but hadn't read any non sponsored reviews so I figured I would try it out. Duane Reade has a really good return policy so I figured I could return it if I really hated it or I could leave it in my travel bag for touch ups on the road. I was really pleasantly surprised by this product. You have to build the color but its a really buildable formula and the shades are really flattering for my light skin tone. The highlight is a pretty shade that I used on my eyelids on the weekends when I want a little color but not to be done up. If you're new to or intimidated by contouring, check this out!

I got my first ever gel manicure before heading to California a few weeks ago. I loved the look, didn't love the price tag and especially didn't love the damage it did to my nails. My mom recommended this polish and I'm still testing it out. I'm really hard on my nails so I have low expectations for polish. This top coat sets my polish for 4-5 days and I usually add another coat so that it lasts a few more days. I'm used to nails chipping after a day (or even the same evening!) so 4-5 days if fine by me. The product is thick which I love but FYI, it takes a steady hand to apply.

This is worth every.single.penny. I use dry shampoo more than any other product I own so I've always been hesitant to try an expensive product knowing how quickly I go through cans. This one also came in my Birchbox and I plan to rebuy after I finish this can. I use my drugstore favorites throughout the week but use this one around my crown on second day hair during the work week. I use it sparingly and let the cheap stuff do the hard work. 

I've been using this biotin supplements for 3 months now and I can see a noticeable difference in my hair as can my hair dresser. I was using the Nature's Bounty supplements for awhile, which I really liked, but I've seen faster growth with the Sports Research softgels. And since its crunch time for  the wedding grow out (less than three months to go!), the difference in price is worth the money.

Oh. My. God. you guys. This is hands down and praise a higher being the best body butter I have ever tried. It smells delicious, leaves my skin silky smooth, is quick to absorb and doesn't leave my feeling oily. It is everything you could want in an argan oil and absolutely worth the price tag. A little (and I mean a little) goes a really long way.


What products are you loving right now? Anything I should check out?